24 Best Work From Home Must Haves To Become A Remote Working Pro

Jennifer L. Cook is an expert in personal finance and health, and a ghostwriter and editor of consumer books. She has 15+ years of experience as an executive editor or editor-in-chief. An English literature graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, she also writes for Bottom Line Personal, Consumer Reports, and Prevention. Here are some resources to talk to your company about going remote. That’s the beauty of remote work – people can choose to work in a way that makes the most sense for their lives. While having the ability to work from outside of a corporate office has been feasible for a few decades, working remotely is only now becoming mainstream.

Best Courses for Remote Employment

When I give out my contact information, it’s an excruciatingly long list of phone numbers, messaging apps, and email addresses because it’s important to stay flexible but also mysterious. For years, I’ve baked a loaf of bread nearly every week, and usually during the workweek. I love baking bread, but you need to be home to tend to it once an hour or so to punch down the dough, shape the loaf, and let it bake. It doesn’t take a lot of hands-on time, but you need to be there.

If a work-from-home opportunity requires you to pay a fee upfront or buy a “start-up kit” or make any other sort of sizable cash outlay, it’s probably a scam. Some love the thought of working in solitude, but even the most introverted among us may feel claustrophobic after a few weeks at home alone, staring Best courses at the same project for long hours. Be ready for some loneliness, and be mindful to schedule some time to connect to the outside world through lunch dates or an exercise class. If you have children at home while you work, their FaceTime, TikTok, and Xbox habits may slow your connection and download speeds.

Get The Internet Speed You Need

No list of location independent jobs is complete without mentioning software engineering. It’s common for a Project Manager to earn $100K+ in many industries including software technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more. And these people typically do not need a highly-technical background. This is more of a business & people position that requires excellent communication, organization, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and more.

  • As such, businesses need them to protect their infrastructure and systems from cybercriminals with the malicious intention to steal information and cause damage.
  • It’s more secure for the employer, and it lets you do all your NSFW activities in private.
  • Whether you bring project management expertise to the table, or you’re a whiz at building financial models, the Toptal Business site and model is both digital nomad, remote work, and freelance friendly.
  • You’ll develop and implement guidelines to ensure consistent delivery of excellent customer service.

Here are 20 tips for leading a better and more productive remote-work life, based on my experience and what I’ve learned from others. Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of employers or companies are now adopting a different mindset when it comes to remote work. They know that employees value the flexibility that remote work gives them, they’ll be happier and become more productive and engaged in work. They’ll take the initiative to better themselves, like performing a skills gap analysis to identify areas for improvement. Due to the pandemic, schools have been closed and reopened, time after time.

Each employer is different, so this won’t be true in every company, but you’ll often find this to be true. For that reason, you’re more likely to be able to find an entry-level, fully remote role in the careers above. For example, I worked as an Account Manager for a telecommunications company. I didn’t do the initial sales call to bring the client on, but once I was managing an account, I’d get paid a commission if they added more phone lines or services with us.

These Are The Best Sites For Finding Remote Work Online: Remote

They often use video chatting applications and teaching software to connect with students all over the world in one-on-one or group settings. Some tutors create their own lesson plans, while others teach from a specific program. Remote tutoring jobs are great for people who enjoy teaching and want a job with flexible hours. Many people are interested in the convenience and flexibility of working remotely. Thankfully, an exciting range of careers is available for people of all experience levels who want to work remotely. According to data from Indeed’s Hiring Lab, remote work opportunities have doubled during the pandemic and continue to increase. I’ve been contributing to PCMag since 2011, at times as an analyst and columnist, and currently as deputy managing editor for the software team.

Best Courses for Remote Employment

Since this job involves primarily research, managing clients’ funds, to recommending stock/product purchases, financial advisors can perform their tasks literally from anywhere. They can communicate with their clients via video chats or any of the communication tools available. To perform well in this role today, you’ll require an in-depth understanding of your stakeholders, the product development lifecycle, the business goals, the user’s behavior and expectations, and more. The pandemic has motivated many retailers to migrate their physical shops to being online. As such, the skillsets of a web developer become highly in demand. To become a skillful web developer, you’ll need to know the fundamentals of web development and be proficient in different programming and coding languages.

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A platform that can actively help you manage project progress for work done helps everyone stay on track. This also ensures work is getting done efficiently when team members are operating over different time zones. Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of what’s needed to get started applying remote work best practices. Now let’s have a chat about the best remote work software the really drives remote work success. Whether you’re a pro at remote work or just getting started, we’ve put together the best work from home ‘must haves’ so you’ll be productive in the comfort of your own home. And FlexJobs’ 2020 survey found that workers who thought they might be more productive working from home actually were more productive when working remotely. Being able to create a comfortable home office is an excellent benefit of remote work.

Unsettled is a global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences. If you don’t need the heavy duty equipment of a recording studio, you can literally take the show on the road. Gigging, writing, performing… the world may be waiting to hear your sound. Though some involve interaction with existing customers, most remote sales opportunities for beginners focus on cold calling. Workers in this position also help websites determine what types of writing, videos, and other materials to produce and promote.

You can even create a virtual water cooler environment by sharing memes and silly gifs. Your on-demand, mobile-first courses can be in-depth, but make sure to also develop quick bites of information. Microlearning can be as simple as updated guidelines for sanitation, changes to building codes, and updates on evolving emergency situations that require remote workers to pivot to another strategy. Everyone may not be working the same hours when they’re working remote, so it’s crucial to get on-demand training to employees so they can access it when they need it. If you live-stream a training, for example, make sure there’s a recorded link they can reference later. You can also use video channels or mobile apps to post quick, one-minute bits of information.

Remote Training Is Here To Stay, So Are You Ready To Adapt?

Then — tech hub or not — you can find a startup that’s right for you. Jobspresso features a wide range of curated jobs in tech, marketing, customer support, and more. You can search their virtual job board for openings and post your resume to be searched and seen by potential employers. Many remote training software options come with gamification features, including competing for points, badges, and rankings on a leaderboard system. There’s also the ability to provide them with a certificate when they complete a course.

Best Courses for Remote Employment

If your job involves making long-distance and/or international calls, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Skype allow you to make inexpensive telephone calls over the internet and around the globe. If both you and the person you’re calling are on the same service, the call will be free. Not everyone has a designated home office, but it’s critical to have a private, quiet space for your work. If you can, separate your work area from your personal spaces and use it only for work and not for other activities. For employers, working from home can boost productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organizational costs, while employees enjoy perks like flexibility and the lack of a commute. Learn how to take your remote job on the road as you travel the world. The most difficult part of working from home is having a team trained and enabled to work successfully.

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If you’re working from home short-term and are expected to return to an office when it’s safe, ask for what you need, but be willing to make acceptable compromises. Instead, a mouse, keyboard, laptop riser, and a back-supporting cushion go a long way and all together can cost less than $200. There are other cheap and easy ways to improve your home office, too. For example, if you have children who are learning at home or who come home from school while you’re still working, they need clear rules about what they can and cannot do during that time.

The most common way that applicants interview for a remote role is via phone or video chat. As a manager, you should understand how to conduct a phone interview and become familiar with the basics of video conferencing services like Zoom and Google Hangouts. 🙂 There are tons of remote legal job listings on Remote.co and FlexJobs.

For example, if you seek out customer service jobs from home, you might find you need a landline. For transcriptionists, a good headset and foot pedal may be required. If your remote training isn’t optimized for mobile, it won’t be useful to all employees.

  • This supports the idea that ongoing remote training is a must, and remote employees should have access to training at all times.
  • If you enjoy listening and enjoy typing, calls for transcription jobs are all over the web from every industry you can dream of.
  • Financial advisors regularly and heavily research the marketplace to provide spot-on advice while recommending the right products or services to secure a sale.
  • If you take the second route, you’d probably want to target an internet company, since they’re most likely to allow you to be remote.
  • So, being goal-oriented and measuring overall efficiency and performance is what you should do.

You already know continuous employee training leads to maintaining employee engagement; you’ve already invested in it. But it was easier to implement your employee training program within that shared physical space previously known as office. If you’re looking for a sustainable career that allows you to work remotely, you will likely need to finish some kind of postsecondary education.

It is genuinely impossible to juggle it all — so if you’re a parent working remotely with your kids home from school, hang in there! With a gorgeous user interface and extensive information about all the companies and jobs they feature, The Muse makes job working at home searching feel easy. Gun.io is a freelance platform designed specifically for freelance web developers. You can sign up through GitHub , and they’ll help match you up with companies that need your services. Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation model is helpful in measuring remote training effectiveness in different stages of the training, as well as for building a KPI framework for your training. Selecting the right key performance indicators enables you to create trainings that are effective and contribute to your organization’s bottom line. It is also essential to provide learners with opportunities to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

This training should reflect current industry trends and innovations and be consistently scheduled so it’s part of weekly life at your company. When training is a part of your remote employees’ regular schedules they’ll be more likely to prioritize it and approach it with the same enthusiasm they bring to their other engagements. Your training will only be as productive as your pre-planning allows it to be. By taking the time before remote employees begin their training to lay out what the training process will look like, you’re troubleshooting problems before they have a chance to rear their heads. Once you’ve outlined the training schedule, send it to your remote employees with time for them to familiarize themselves with it. No matter if you’re training new hires or providing existing staff with on-the-job product updates you’ll need the appropriate tools. A well-developed training toolkit is important, so here are some of the top workforce training tools companies are using across industries to train their remote employees.

Have you always dreamed of working for a tech startup, but don’t live in a tech hub? If you head over to AngelList — a top source for startup job listings — you can enter a for a job search and click “Remote OK” when you’re prompted for your search type.

You’ll create engaging and enjoyable instructional content for introductory and intensive courses, maintaining completion rates of 80% and higher by incorporating learner feedback continuously. The Admissions Advisor is responsible for advising and counseling prospective students over the phone and/or via email and chat technology. Utilizing the university’s admissions process, this role provides accurate information regarding academic programs. The Production Manager leads a team of video producers and media specialists who produce multi-platform content including video, graphics, audio, interactives and other multimedia elements. Present solution concepts / detailed designs to senior-level business owners and L&D stakeholders, representing the voice of instructional design applied to improving business performance. The Coordinator provides an exciting opportunity for an individual with robust attention to detail and problem-solving skills to provide administrative support to the company.

Look For Training And Learning Opportunities

They are more inspired by their surroundings and can filter out environmental distractions as they see fit. In fact, the opportunity to work remotely alone brings a new perspective to a remote workers’ position. They see it as motivation or a reward for their excellent work and are stimulated to continue to surpass their goals in order to continue living the lifestyle that they’ve come to love.

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