worksolutions php-collections: A collection library for php

Researchers have found that when we feel the need to look busy just to impress others, it’s actually detrimental to productivity. Hybrid Work Solutions is a Digital Workspace Solutions Integrator, we enable enterprises to create hybrid digital workspaces for real time collaboration. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it’s like to work at Worksolutions, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Worksolutions. The method initiates a function that, for any set of input data, will return true.

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  • The first element that got into the queue is the first and will leave it.
  • The method applies a stream to each element of the collection, replaces the passed elements of the collection with the results of the function execution.

The function must return a scalar value to enable independent optimized sorting. The method of sorting by value in reverse order sortByDesc works similarly. The method applies a stream to each element of the collection, replaces the passed elements of the collection with the results of the function execution. The method creates a collection whose elements consist of the elements of the passed array. The CollectionFactory factory allows you to create collection objects without using an implementation-specific constructor, or also has other convenient methods for creating collection objects. At the moment, the main structure of the library is ArrayList, which is generated by the factory in static methods.

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The stack is a data structure, the logic of which is the opposite of the logic of the queue. The first item on the stack will be the first and popped from it. Returns false if no item has been added, possibly in case of a limited queue. The set contains only unique elements, the order of the elements can be arbitrary.

  • Does not guarantee that the item is randomly selected.
  • The method initiates the function of checking the property of the element object for equality to the value of $value.
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  • The collection factory has many static methods for conveniently creating collections.

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Biz Work Solutions provides you the best range of scented candles, vegan candle & soybean wax candle with effective & timely delivery. Method converts the order of the elements to the reversed sequence. Returns the value of the element that has been replaced by the current method. If an attempt is made to replace a non-existing element, an OutOfRangeException will be thrown. Did you apply to this job If so, please click “Applied for Job” to save it to your “Application History” page.

A data structure such as a queue is convenient for sequential processing of data in the order of arrival. It has convenient methods for adding and consuming items. The first element that got into the queue is the first and will leave it. The method returns an attribute of an empty collection. If there are elements in the collection, it will return false. If the element did not exist, it will return false.

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If there are no elements on the stack, a RuntimeException will be thrown. The method returns the item from the top of the stack. At the top of the stack is the element added before the received one.


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  • The method of sorting by value in reverse order sortByDesc works similarly.
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Consumer functions do not modify the stream collection, but are used to traverse the each collection. The passed function will be called for Coding for kids we support schools children and young people! each element of the collection; the result of the function is not taken into account. The library already contains some prepared consumers.

Returns false if no element was added, possibly in case of restrictions. The method removes an element by an index, elements after the deleted index move closer to the beginning by one position. If there is no element by the index, it will return null. If no element exists at the index, it will return null. The method returns an exact copy of the collection.

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The opposite method is (#Removing stream modification constrains). The method applies $collector to the internal collection and returns the result. It is necessary when you need to perform the final action on the collection using a stream.


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