Sexing Bearded Dragons Sexing 101!

Sexing Bearded Dragons Sexing 101!

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You will often see them hiss, stamp their feet and puff their beard. Beginners may have some difficulty sexing Bearded Dragons from femoral pores alone. If you want to check for femoral pores first make sure your lizard is comfortable with handling. Females on the other hand have much slimmer and narrower tails that taper very distinctly at the base. At this point shine a flashlight at the tail base from the top-side (i.e. dorsal) and look from the bottom-side (i.e. ventral).

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Sexual maturity for female bearded dragons is determined by their physical size, not age. In the wild, these reptiles may reach a breeding age between one and two years old. The male and female differ physically from each other in some aspects. A female possesses only one hemipenal bulge, smaller femoral pores, a tapering tail, and a slender head compared to the male. The beard in a female is also lighter when compared to a male.

The Pogona barbata, commonly known as the Easter bearded dragon or the common bearded dragon, is a species of the Agamid lizard family of Australia. It is one of the most commonly known groups of bearded dragons that are observed around the woods of Africa. Both the male and female Pogona barbata have a similar appearance, so the above methods of sexing a bearded dragon are used in the case of this lizard too. You can also keep a pair of bearded dragons together, but if you see one dragon lying on top of the other, it is because one of them shows dominant behavior. It is not feasible to keep two males in the same tanks as they can turn aggressive towards each other.

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A single, s protruding bump that is centered will indicate a female. A shallow water dish should be provided, as this will make it more difficult for the dragon to contaminate their own water source. This schedule can be done every other day, or over the course of two days.


How does a bearded dragon get a sex change?


A better recommended size is a gallon tank, which will give them plenty of room to live comfortably and is best suited for a pair of bearded dragons. The frequency of this event is determined by species, age, growth rate, ambient temperature and food availability. During spring and summer, when they are active and perhaps growing rapidly, dragons shed more frequently perhaps as often as monthly.

Your dragon’s femoral pores are on the undersides of their hind legs, and they secrete pheromones to attract a mate. Ideally, you want to check your bearded dragon’s sex in daylight or under bright lighting. Sometimes, it can be quicker to use a flashlight, especially if your bearded baby is wriggly or agitated. It has been in the business of breeding bearded dragons for more than 20 years.

A male’s hemipenal bulges will be more noticeable and there will be two grooves you will detect ruining vertically to the cloacal opening. If your Bearded Dragon is a boy you will see a fairly wide cloacal opening, when compared to a female. The exact size difference will depend on the individual as cloaca size differs with body size. Expect a female to be smaller in size, have a slimmer head and a narrower tail that tapers at the base.

Bearded dragons are commonly available at pet stores, reptile expos, and bearded dragon breeders’ websites. As a bearded dragon breeder, our goal is to produce the most beautiful specimens that also make the best pets. You can tell if your bearded dragon is male or female by looking at the femoral pores on its back legs. These small circles run across thighs and smell like chemicals related to sexual attraction, which means that this particular area contains hormones needed for breeding.


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To sex the dragon you need to lay the dragon on their belly with their rump facing you. If your dragon is Male you will see two long parts on either side of the tail and a ‘dent’ at the tail base. If your dragon is female you will see no ‘dent’, instead a small bulge at the base. Feces, urine, and eggs travel via this orifice located on the underside of a bearded dragon’s hind legs. For adults, it is best to utilize this method along with checking femoral pores to properly check the sex of your bearded dragon. The presence of their hemipenes makes their tail base and cloacal opening much wider.

You can also grow greens, or buy from farmer’s markets, to help cut costs. It will give you a simple cage around the same size as a 20-gallon aquarium as you can see in the video below. You can buy these tanks at the following approximate prices.

If you are looking for ways to know if your pet dragon is male or female, then the gestures that show the gender more obviously are head bobbing and hissing. If your dragon pet gets angry and hisses or bobs its head at another dragon, it means it is showing dominance and is a male bearded dragon. Although male and female dragons generally receive similar care, they sometimes require special attention.

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