Read What It Is Really Like To Date InYOUR 50s Online

Accentuate and develop the positive, that is my attempt, and your words help. For me that sense of freedom came around about the time that my youngest explained his strategy for completing his undergraduate, masters, PhD course of study. He put my mind at ease that although his timetable is not the timetable I would have chosen at the same age it is what he is comfortable with and what he is confident about. I know that he will land on his feet even if he encounters a setback. You are so warm and caring that guys would pay $$$ just for hugging you.

We are both somewhat fit, like to hike and enjoy being outdoors. He and I have shared some odd and humorous dating stories. As for me, I look at every poor choice in a positive way.

Truthfully, the men in their twenties aren’t even competition. Age, wisdom, experience, class, a few grey hairs, and a well-tailored suit garner me all the attention I want. I haven’t fallen in love just yet, but a simple prenup will weed out the gold diggers if I do. I realize I have standards but they are not money or status related. I just want a good guy with integrity and respect for others, willing to make me as important in his life as he’d be in mine.

#1 Don’t Introduce Them to Everyone Too Soon

I’ve been married to Gil Ferman since 1990, and he’s been a really responsible, devoted, committed and loving husband and father to our two boys. We joke that he simply skipped his first marriage. There were friends and family members who cautioned me about falling for a guy who might be non-committal. I married a guy who was in this second category. He was what we might call a “late bloomer” — he wasn’t fully ready to take on the role of husband and father until he was in his mid-forties.

Most women in their 50s don’t want to date men much younger. We want men who are like us — able to support themselves, still interested in living life, fairly healthy, emotionally stable, and not drug/alcohol abusers. Pretty simple it would seem — just hard to meet them. I have to admit that I am guilty of scrutinizing against short men online. I am 5’4″ as well, but like to wear tall sexy heels.

If you were close by, I sure wouldn’t mind having that “sparkling conversation” with you over a glass of wine. Now, I long for just one hour of sparkling conversation. You dudes think you are hot stuff, but young women don’t want anything to do with you when they can find a hot man their own age. I do not want to date someone that is younger nor older than myself within a 2 year difference. It really limits the dating pool though.

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These aren’t your daughter’s dating rules. These are for the woman who is done repeating the same mistakes, and is ready to find her grown-up love story. You may be excited to meet that aforementioned someone great, but don’t assume that every relationship is going to be a lasting one.

A Message For Men In Their 50s, From Single Women

I am 56, widowed for 4 years, and keep in good shape. I do not have to be wined and dined. Raised 3 sons, and consider live life to the fullest as having sex regularly!! Not much of a traveler, introverted and a bit of a homebody. To those women who want a man their age who is still raising kids and is stable, good looking and not a basket case. It’s a horror show out there and lady, you MUST be the exception.

Doing what has meaning for you is very important in life. You might just run into someone who gets you and has the same interests. At 5’4″ I wouldn’t mind a man your height. If the man is kind and respectful, his height makes no difference to me.

I am really starting to think that I will never find what I want. I don’t think most men are capable of a deep connection. I finally found one I connect with on a level I have had with no other man, but every time I open up and I am vulnerable I get cold water thrown into my face. My experience with dating in mid life has been shaped by some wonderful women , all withing a few years of my age. They have taught me that authenticity is the path to connection and without connection ,attraction fades quickly.

That’s different from a casual relationship where sex is all there is. Many don’t find that type of relationship satisfying, because it does nothing for the soul, only the body. It all depends on what you’re looking for.